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Due to a new European tax law starting on 1th January 2015 I am forced to offer my membership temporary only to people living NOT IN EUROPE, except Germany.

In cause of questions, please contact me - Mail.

Because some big businesses found ways to save tax, there is a new tax legislation for all sellers of electronic media that live in the EU. My photos, videos are electronic media as well!

For every membership I will sell to people living in EU, I now have to pay the VAT of the country where the buyer lives. This means 28 different VATs between 17 and 28 percent! And this means too, that I have to make additionally tax declarations for each country of EU I will sell my memberships...

Currently I am not able to manage this afford. I hope there will be a solution for small businesses like me soon... If you like to support, that exceptions for small businesses like me will be created soon, please sign the petition! Thank you very much for your support!

Please sign the Petition

Because of some request to join without having a Credit Card I decided to offer PayPal for payments too.
PayPal offers Payments by Credit Card, Bank Transfer, debit advice procedure... for more information click here


Currently you can join me by
    Credit Card
    Online Check
    Direct Pay EU
(single and recurring billing)

...and in a couple of minutes you can see me and my amazing hair in full-size images...

Currently you can join me with
your PayPal-Account

(only single billing)

Via Paypal you will get your login-information within 48 hours

I decide to use CCBill and PayPal for my payments,
because they are well-known and trusted companies
on the internet for processing payments.